1005: Preparation & Motivation Win Super Bowls and Sales Opportunities — If you’re motivated but not prepared, opportunities will pass you by, and the same goes if you’re prepared but not motivated. Being prepared for the day and the week can turn opportunities into sales!

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Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons was an outstanding lesson in being prepared in addition to being motivated!

In the post-game interviews, Patriot coaches, managers, owner, and players all said the same thing, 
“Our preparation made the difference!”

If you’re motivated but not prepared, opportunities will pass you by, and the same goes if you’re prepared but not motivated. Being prepared for the day and the week can turn opportunities into sales!

Tom Brady got knocked down, hurried and rushed the first half of the game, but his preparation motivated him not to dwell on what happened in the first half of the game. He came out in the second half motivated, and used his preparation to win the game.

Just like Tom Brady, DSRs get knocked down day after day when making cold calls on prospects and even with some of their current customers.

Most quarterbacks would be worrying about what happened in the first half and give up or lose confidence. Successful DSRs don’t worry about what happened yesterday or last week and give up on an account or on a product they want to sell to an existing customer. They do more preparation so when the opportunity comes around, they’ll be there ready to write the order.

Bill Belichick says, “There is an old saying about the strength of the wolf is the pack, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. On a football team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.”

Distributors need everybody who’s on the company’s team to be prepared and motivated to win more business than the competitors. DSRs can help by starting with themselves and then helping others on the team to get motivated to get prepared.

If you and your company’s team are always prepared for opportunities that arise, you can win that account that might have seemed impossible. Being able to win even if you’re down “25 points” to your competitor takes more than being motivated to do it, you have to be prepared!! Motivation can only carry someone so far.

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said that the entire team had practiced, watched video, and had done the preparation needed to win the game as long as everybody did their job. Belichick said “We were not surprised by anything the Falcons did, we adjusted what we were doing based on our preparation.” 

We can stand to learn a lot from Belichick as he has had the Most playoff wins all-time, Most Super Bowl appearances, and Five Super Bowl rings, which is more than any head coach in history. From top to bottom, the “Patriot Way” reflects a mindset of the team eagerly contributing to complete all tasks that benefit the end goal — winning games (SALES) and ultimately the Lombardi Trophy (ACCOUNTS).

The Patriots had the second-most home-grown talent in the playoffs, 27 draft picks and 10 undrafted signees. Belichick said he offered Tom Brady the same invitation he offers every player or coach – be prepared — do your job, be ready for an opportunity.

Same goes for DSRs: Prepare — do your job, be ready for an opportunity.

Belichick, his coaches, his managers, and the team were prepared for every situation.

DSRs, prepare a plan every week for every customer and prospect that you’re working with. Time after time, successful DSRs say that they get more business with existing customers and open more new accounts when they have done the preparation, so when the opportunity comes, they are prepared to win the business.

Most folks look at it like it was an insurmountable (too great to overcome) goal – but the Patriots took one play at a time. You might want to take something from New England’s playbook and make your strategy:

1. Take it one case at a time
2. One account at a time
3. Reach your sales and business goals

It’s not ever over if you’re prepared and motivated, so don’t ever give up on the customers you want.

P.S.  How about that catch???   

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!