1020: Tips from Operators on How DSRs should make Cold Calls on them

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This is a MUST LISTEN TO show…

Listen in as DSRLive moderates a panel of five (5) Operators along with about 50 DSRs at a distributor sales meeting discussing COLD CALLS. These operators tell the DSRs exactly what they need to do when making a cold call on them.

The panel consists of operators from four (4) different segments:

  • A restaurant group with a few different concepts
  • 2 college foodservice directors
  • Director of Dietary for a nursing home
  • Country Club Chef

DSR Dave along with his guest hosts, Steve Dahl and Bill Hornung, ask operators how they would like DSRs to make that first COLD CALL on them.

GREENHORNS will hear first-hand what to do and what not to do when making cold calls, and VETERAN DSRs will be reminded that they need to do what Bill calls “market research” on prospects to determine if any particular prospect’s culture is one they want to deal with.

The show is about 6 minutes long so you might want to download it if you don’t have time to listen online. You will really enjoy hearing the candid insights of these operators about DSRs and Brokers calling on them for the first time.

Tips to LISTEN for on the show:

Should you do anything before walking in and throwing down your card and your special sheet?

Trying to make an appointment with a prospect who won’t respond…

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!