1032: DSRs Achieve your Sales & Income Goals with 5 Easy Action Items

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The goal of this plan is to sell more cases to your existing customers.

Customers who are currently buying from you

would like to buy MORE FROM YOU

if you would just present them a common-sense plan on why they should.

The following 5 action items will help you get started on a plan to double your sales with your “current” customers versus going in each week and just getting another order:

1.  How much money do you want to make?  Figure how much money you are currently making per case sold.

2.  How many cases do you need to sell each of your customers to reach your money goal?

3.  Create an INVENTORY LIST for each customer of EVERY PRODUCT THEY PURCHASE FROM ANY PLACE (Not just what YOU sell them).

4.  Get a list of the Top 200 items your company sells by cases sold.  These products are what your company is best at in your market. This is the very reason your customers should be buying them from you.  They are always in stock, work on many different menu types and they’re priced right.

5.  Get a list of the Top 200 items YOU sold in the past year by cases sold.  Sell more of the products that you obviously know best!!

Most DSRs go through their weekly routine by just getting the order versus trying to pick up the customer’s other products they purchase (not currently from you).  CHANGE THIS by offering the products from your TOP 200 list.

If you create their inventory list of all the products they purchase, you’ll know which products to ask for next — so get busy with that Inventory List — ASAP!! 

Be prepared to double your sales!!  The inventory list is the KEY TO THEIR KINGDOM…

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!