1041: Extraordinary Sales Results by using the “DSR ONE THING”

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What is the “ONE Thing” DSRs could do to grow their business dramatically that could make everything else easier or possibly unnecessary?

Use sales history “DATA” to identify your company’s most sold/Top 200 items (by cases sold). Those items affect almost everything a DSR does each day and they happen to be what your company is best at in your market area!

After reading the book THE ONE THING and participating in a workshop, DSR Dave finally identified (after 25 years with it on his Top 20 list) the “DSR ONE THING” that propelled his extraordinary sales growth, profit margins, account penetration, reduction of will-calls, and created more time for his family and leisure.

DSR Dave Miesse explains that for more than 25 years, DSRs have asked him this question after nearly every sales meeting, workshop or ride-with:  “Dave, if you had to boil it down to the ONE THING that helped you sell as much as you did, what would it be?”  He always answered, “There’s not just one thing, I think that all the little things are the ONE BIG THING.” He also gave the sales folks his Top 20 List of Principles to practice daily.

Miesse says that he could never eliminate any of his TOP 20 principles until after THE ONE THING book and workshop.  In the workshop, Dave took the time to go back and reconstruct where he had huge sales and profit growth and noted that there was ONE dominant theme that showed up…identifying and selling the items on his company’s TOP 200 list of the most sold items.Once he identified them, he then made a point to learn everything about those items and then sample and teach his customers about them.

Way back when Miesse’s IT director used “big data” to put together his company’s Top 200 list to help him keep his job after being reprimanded (the third time) for making too many will-calls, the IT director told Miesse the reason he was making so many deliveries was because he was selling the wrong products. Miesse’s list of top items he sold only included a few of the Top 200 items.  The IT dude told Miesse he had two choices… use intuition or data. He said that Dave was making random product decisions based on whatever was featured in sales meetings or on the sales flyer. When he’d have good sales growth, it was based more on his hard work and pure luck versus from selling the “right items” by using rational, logical and fact-based data. Once he began using the data in the Top 200 list, he not only was much more successful, but also solved the original problem of too many will-calls.

Discipline yourself to learn the story of each of these products first and you’ll have positive sales, profit, and time management results. You will achieve your business goals much easier, and at the same time make your job much less time consuming and stressful. Depending on the size of your distributor, you may want to focus on the first 25, 50 or 100 items.

The “DSR ONE THING” has a HUGE IMPACT on almost everything a DSR does daily including:

Returns & adjustments | will calls | out-of-stocks | your profit margins | your customer’s profit margin | which products to code out on purchasing guides | which products to lead with when working on new prospects | which brokers to know first | items work on many different menus/segments | becoming your customer’s primary because you’re selling these products | best products to learn first as a Greenhorn | which products to have at sales meetings | which products to track markets on | knowing the vendor packing these products | what kind/segment of customers are purchasing.

YOU’RE THE BEST IN YOUR MARKET with these products or they would not be on this list!   

Distributors, if you are interested in implementing the “DSR One Thing” at your company, contact dsrdave@afdr.org.

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!