1115: Samples Matter to This Operator – From Restaurant Depot to Broadliner

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This is a must listen to show as there is much more on the audio recording than what is written below.

This Operator has bought from broadliners for years and totally understands the concept of a prime vendor, but for the past five or so years has used Restaurant Depot as his main supplier until a DSR brought in a SAMPLE…

All it took was one good DSR to bring in SAMPLES of his most used item to get him to stop purchasing from Restaurant Depot and start a prime vendor relationship with that distributor.

Veteran restaurant industry owner/operator of Stonington’s Fried Shrimp, Charlie Mansir, explains to DSR Dave what drives him crazy about DSRs when they make their first call on him. Mansir also tells how a sample of just one product got him to start purchasing from a DSR on the first call the DSR made on him!

Operator Charlie’s Tips on COLD CALLS:

  • A DSR’s appearance at the first meeting makes a big difference to him. So much so, he might not purchase from them if their appearance doesn’t look like they respect the profession enough to dress appropriately.
  • When making a COLD CALL, you really should have some understanding of that account.
  • SAMPLES WORK!!! They are a discussion starter, but do your homework and bring the right sample. Why wouldn’t an operator listen to a DSR who had obviously done their homework on their operation…
  • Being a customer first with a prospect may earn you their business and may help you to avoid hearing the common phrase, “we’re really happy with who we’re buying from now and don’t need another distributor.” Mansir says most prospects would want to talk to a DSR who’s doing his/her homework in the quest of trying to help them with their business.

Concluding thought: For the past 38 years, a large majority of operators have always said the same thing…that they don’t need another distributor. We agree. What they need is a DSR who’s going to help them find the right products and help them make money in their business!

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!