1124: DSRs If Someone Can Figure This Out, Why Can’t It Be You?

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“Don’t tell me it can’t be done; tell me You can’t do it.”– Don Tyson

Barriers are often obstacles in your own mind. Listen to four foodservice distribution industry senior executives discuss critical factors for success; overcoming day-to-day barriers; and the secrets to career growth in this business. Once critical factors for success are known, individuals can identify key players and coordinate efforts to help them achieve the outcomes desired.


Whenever you are faced with issues or situations that seem impossible to overcome, just think if someone can figure this out, why can’t it be you? You need to be able to separate the noise from the real issues.

There’s always going to be issues and obstacles like service levels, late trucks, A/R, cut off times missed, competition and wasted windshield time that successful DSRs seem to be able to separate the noise from the real issues and solve the problem.

The foodservice business is about relationships. To be more successful with your business, you’ve got to develop relationships not only with your customers, but also with vendors, brokers and the people on the inside of your company because you need this entire team behind you to overcome the day-to-day (noise) issues, obstacles and capitalize on the OPPORTUNITIES. This becomes so much easier if you have good relationships with all parties involved.

The company is a tax entity, one without a brain, you’re the brains of the company that needs to be working on the barrier of the day. The company hired you because of your brain, use it to help the tax entity, and yourself move more cases!

It’s pointed out on the show part of the process is believing there is a barrier and believing in yourself to get past the barrier.

 DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!