1130: Attitude affects positive sales growth or lack of it

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DSRs, your attitude can affect positive sales growth–or the lack of sales growth!

Being positive, thinking positive and having a GREAT attitude about everything you’re involved with is a daily self-discipline! You are in COMPLETE control of it because only you can make it happen!

Thinking positive thoughts will lead to Positive actions.

  • A great attitude is a bigger deal than being a great salesman and can change everything in your world.
  • A great attitude is the reason why relationships begin, bloom and GROW.
  • A great attitude is the reason why sales take place.
  • A great attitude can turn rejection into the passion you need to keep moving forward with a prospect.
  • A great attitude can rub off on your customers and make them feel great.

If your attitude is right, your customers will tell you they look forward to seeing you each week. They probably won’t say it quite like that, but they will tell you — if you listen for it.

I can’t express how important having a good, great, or positive attitude is for a DSR every day because your attitude controls everything!

A big part of selling is a DSR’s attitude, thinking that…

  • YOU CAN make things happen!
  • You can get things done!
  • You can overcome objections!
  • There will be a positive outcome!
  • Your hard work will pay off!
  • It’s always a BRIGHT & SUNNY day in your world even if there’s a blizzard going on around you!

Recognize that your attitude is fundamental and foundational to your sales success. Stuff is going to go wrong every day in the foodservice business, but it is how you respond and handle it that makes the difference! When you respond negatively, it will affect everyone around you… coworkers, customers, family, friends, and yourself. To get back on track, think before you respond, and ask yourself what you need to do next for a positive outcome. So, before you walk into a sales situation, reach for that Positive Attitude because it is there for the asking!

When I first started as a DSR, we had a sales trainer talk to us about ATTITUDE. In one of his teaching exercises he asked us what word we were going to use when we were asked this question: “Dave how are you doing today?” He had a long list of all kinds of positive sounding words to choose from like great, wonderful, etc., but by the time I picked my word the only one that was left was “perfect”.

Our assignment was to go out for the next week and every time somebody asked us how we were doing, we had to use our word when we answered the question. We then were to write down what kind of reactions/responses we heard, and what happened next. I have to say this exercise changed my life AND my sales life forever because every time someone asked me how I was doing, I had to say perfect. I could not believe the responses that I got from my customers and friends. It was like WOW!! People would ask if I’d won the lotto or if I was dreaming or comment that my wife and I must be getting along really well. Their reactions were overwhelming. I couldn’t believe that one simple word like “perfect” could change my entire world!

That sales trainer told us that how we answered that question would have an affect/impact on everything else we did with that person or those people the rest of the day, week, month or maybe forever. He was right!! He said it sets the tone for your attitude and is something for you to work toward each day.

So, when you respond with a not so positive word or phrase like, about half, doing OK, fine, I think I’ll make it, or can’t wait for the weekend, well, that’s about how your day and/or life will go. But if you have a positive word like wonderful, perfect, doing great etc., your life will be pointed in that direction!


Tomorrow try using the same exercise and choose a positive word. Every time you’re asked how you are doing that day, respond with your word or phrase and watch how things change in your life and sales career!!

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!