1135: Tips on Managing Unprofitable “DOG” Accounts

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Please Listen to This Show if you want ideas on how to turn the “dog” accounts into your pets ??

Smells like a dog. It buys from you like a dog. Probably even needs a flea dip… that smallish account that makes you and your company no money and eats up your precious time.

Yet, you don’t want to give up on this customer because you’ll surrender any “potential” to a competitor who’s pacing in the wings. So, you keep letting the customer “woof” along, seemingly, without much upside.

DSR Dave discusses different action items for unprofitable DOG accounts with guest hosts DSR Joe and Distributor Management Pro, Nolen Cleaves.

They explore several ways of turning a dog into a respectable account. One good place to start is by building a purchasing guide that has everything this account purchases from every distributor they buy from!

This is a MUST LISTEN TO SHOW because it’s short, and there was too much good content to write it all up!

Below are some of the action items:

  • Knowing when to have the conversation with the customer that you both need to do something different.
  • Suggesting every-other-week or once-a-month deliveries versus every week.
  • Discovering the purchasing potential, the customer really has versus just what you’re selling to them.
  • Bringing in one of your specialists or a broker to the account for a change.
  • Bringing in something new, for multiple weeks in a row, that they’re not currently buying from you.

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!