1137: Double Your Sales with Your Current Customers

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Do you ever wonder why your customers are only purchasing the products you’re currently selling to them?

Most of the time it’s because you have not created the one tool, THE ROADMAP, that will enable you to sell products other than what you are already selling them.

You need to start by building a Complete Inventory List/Order Guide for each customer.

Most of the current inventory lists/order guides are incomplete compared to the guides we’re talking about.

With this one basic tool, your complete inventory list, you can set out to double your sales! Yes, that’s right, building this inventory list (from within or outside of the company system) with everything your current customers are purchasing from ANY VENDOR, and I mean everything, can get you on your way to doubling your sales with your current customers!

Nine out of 10 DSRs who we work with do not have a complete inventory list prepared for every customer they sell, but rather, they rely on the sales history as their order guide. Get this, 9 out of 10 of those DSRs wonder “why” that customer is only buying those products from them and not more…

Most inventory lists that we see while working with DSRs are the ones that your computer system generates from the items that you have already sold to your customers, even the wrong ones, and the products they no longer use. So, when your customer picks up your inventory list/order guide and walks around and writes in what they need to purchase, they only have the items on that list.

If you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to get the same results.

Your business, for the most part, will be limited to the products on the list you’ve prepared for each of your customers unless one of your competitors is out of something, then they might ask you for it. But that’s a crazy, slow way to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS… waiting for your competitor to fail versus staking claim to those products up front by having them on your inventory list. Heck, they should be buying every product they use from you if you stock it, but they NEED TO KNOW YOU CARRY THOSE PRODUCTS!

This action item seems so basic but having this kind of inventory list/order guide will make it very clear for which product to sample, quote a price on, do research on, and to talk to the customer about next week when you’re in there.

Take the time today to start building the ultimate and complete inventory guide for every customer you’re currently selling and build on the business and relationships you already have, and you will double your sales with those customers!

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!