1143: Are Food Demos a Lost Art among DSRs?

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A presentation without a demonstration is just a conversation.  Operators must touch, see, smell and taste new products to have confidence enough to plunk down cold hard cash to buy a few cases – especially these days. 

DSR Live! Guesthost Bill Hornung is joined by Tom Shea of Upper Crust Enterprises to explore the lost art of food demonstrations… a simple but effective way for DSRs to separate themselves from the competition. It also builds relationships and friendships and shows you have a genuine interest in bringing new ideas in to help boost their business.

Topics include why now is a great time to do more demos, where to find ideas, how to demo when you’re NOT a culinary expert and even, celebrating demo failures as a good thing.  

Action Items:

  • Take an hour out of your day to find recipe ideas that would fit in your customers’ operations.
  • Match it with a product sample and bring to your operator.
  • Present it in front of the chef, some kitchen workers and staff because it may not be the idea that you are presenting, BUT THE IDEAS THAT COME FROM THE PRESENTATION that become important.

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!