1148: Never Give Up and Own the Outcome

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Don’t ever give up on a prospect because your opportunity is usually right around the corner.

No one said pursuing your sales goals and chasing after the goals in your life would be easy, but what happens when the opportunities you’ve been chasing don’t turn out the way you planned? How do you keep pushing forward when it feels like you’re falling behind?

We need to understand this, or we’ll always live in our imagination of “what is next”. You might say to yourself, “I want to be selling $5 million by the end of the year… I want to be writing more than the top DSR.” And to that I say, “You need to be willing to do what’s necessary now to get to where you want to be next.”

What you’re doing and how you are doing it is important to the ultimate outcome. It is usually right before you reach your goal that you feel like tossing in the towel because you don’t realize the success or the goal you’ve been striving for is right around the corner. If you don’t take the time or steps necessary to learn or gain knowledge and lay the proper ground work before reaching the “$5 million,” you will struggle to manage it properly or it might not be the kind of business you’re really looking for.

Goals and Opportunities don’t park themselves at your front door saying that they’re ready when you are!

They come driving by and toss out a bone and continue to move on, testing you to see if you will RUN AFTER IT or CHASE IT until you catch it!

You may see top DSRs selling millions, but you really have no idea how hard they worked and what they had to learn, and the opportunities (good and bad) they had to chase in order to reach their goal of selling those many millions.

So, if you have goals and dreams of selling more millions, it’s time you better learn all you can now and start chasing all your opportunities! Quit waiting on it to come to you because it will pass by.

If you want it, go get it, don’t let it pass you by! You don’t want to get caught a few years from now just sitting in your favorite recliner wishing you had chased all the opportunities that drove by you.

REMEMBER THIS:You are almost there when you feel like you’re falling behind, just about every time.

You need to re-evaluate that feeling or the urge to quit on an opportunity because most likely you did the necessary work and you’re right around the corner from closing on it. There will always be an off-ramp at every opportunity, and the off-ramps will increase the closer you get to that destination. So, don’t’ take the off-ramp, don’t stop, don’t give up, but instead put the pedal to the metal and keep chasing it until you catch it.

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