1150: Understanding Good Timing and Time Management

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Everyone knows that timing is everything. Our lives are a never-ending stream of

“when-decisions” – – when to make a cold call, to listen, to ask for the business, to help cost out the menu and when to say yes or no… the time of Opportunity or Possibility.

Recently while riding with a DSR, I continually heard him express that he could’ve or should’ve done this or that. He’d say, “I could’ve been doing another three grand a week if I would have called on that customer when they first opened two years ago, but now they’re so loyal to my competitor I’m only the backup supplier.”

“I could’ve had the new china order in my largest customer if I would have known they were replacing it all.”

“I could’ve been his primary supplier if I would have helped him plan a new menu a few years back when he was asking for the help, but I couldn’t get my specialist out the day he was working on it.”

“I would be making a lot more money than I’m making now if some of those deals would’ve come through.”

I think this DSR thought I would be impressed that he had all this opportunity, but the only thing I was hearing was his admission that his timing on these and other opportunities was out of sync with the customers’ timing.

I finally asked him about each one of those opportunities and why he thought they didn’t happen. He said he always runs out of time because his schedule is so tight, and because he’s such a time management type of person, his day gets all out of whack if he does not manage his time down to the minute. So basically, managing the minutes in his day this way, took away from the spontaneity of taking advantage of that moment in time to take action.

The more we talked, the more I thought about two different kinds of time.

Time on the clock and on a calendar – the time in which to plan your daily routine to keep things organized.

Time of possibility – moments in our day, week, year or our lifetime when all things come together at a crossroads that provide the ripe opportunity to make us better or bitter… the perfect moment for action. It demands your poise and intuition and responsiveness.

My good friend Amy describes the Time of Possibility or the perfect moment for action this way. She asks you to think about the times you have been at a club with friends and you met a person who you talked to all night, but never took a leap of faith and asked them out for a date… it was now or never!

If you want to break away from the herd and be more successful growing your business, you must not only be good at managing the time on the clock, but also be good at recognizing the “moment in time” that requires you to act and fly with it!

When it all comes together, you’ll beat your goals, have your orders in on time, and be home on time to take the kids to practice.

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