1217: Blaming makes you a Victim; Taking Responsibility gives you Power

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What have you been blaming yourself or others for that you now know that you just need to take responsibility for it moving forward. How you react and handle it from this point forward puts you back in control.

You should take 100% of the responsibility for every outcome without using excuses, stories or justifications of what you did, or didn’t do, but could have done, or your reaction to what happened to you. The outcome is your responsibility.

Either way, in every circumstance, own it… all of it.

On his first week on the street, a newly hired (Greenhorn) DSR agreed with his DSM to make 10 prospect sales calls. At the end of the week the sales manager called him in and asked how many sales calls he had made? The DSR says, “Well…” and started to tell the manager a story. The sales manager cut the DSR short and said, “I just need a number.” The DSR starts with his story again when the sales manager interrupts and says, “Just the number please. You either did it or you didn’t. No story is needed, own it!”

You may be thinking he’s a tough DSM, maybe he is, but the critical difference between feeling sorry for yourself and owning your mistake is the difference between blaming and taking responsibility. Blame makes you a victim. You’re telling yourself that you are not in charge, not in control, it wasn’t your fault, all of which are disempowering and defeating. You render yourself powerless. Responsibility on the other hand is taking your power back. Regaining control, you are taking the action necessary to correct your mistakes or changing your mindset about a bad health outcome for yourself or a loved one. You take the first positive step forward by taking responsibility for your reaction and consequently, your next actions!

Blame removes hope, responsibility gives you hope back!

There is a big difference between it being your fault and being your responsibility.

It’s not your fault that your father or mother was abusive, an alcoholic, inattentive or even overprotective. But it is now your responsibility to pursue your own life and not repeat the patterns of your childhood. It is not your fault that you got cancer or were hit by a drunk driver. But it is up to you, your responsibility, for how you’re going to react, respond and handle what has happened to you moving forward.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy, it absolutely is not easy, but rather quite difficult some of the time. But, if you were going to get your power back, you must take responsibility for how you react to what’s happened to you.

We really hope this helps you to understand the difference between beating yourself up for how things turned out that may have been beyond your control (health issues etc.) or blaming others for mistakes, which only debilitate and defeat you, and taking responsibility with your attitude, reaction and actions which empower you and put you back in control.

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!