1220: Dumpster Diving with Grace

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“I never give up on a prospect once I start working on them.”

Hall of Fame DSR, Grace Lee of Shamrock Foods Eastvale, California division earned the nickname, “Bulldog” from the picture on the trucks of the distributor she worked at because of her tenacity and not ever giving up on any prospect until they become her account.

The word on the street is, if Grace is in an account already or she begins calling on an account that the DSR already was calling on, that it would be better to go after a different account because of her bulldog tenacity!

Tips on securing new accounts:

  • She checks out their business to see how they handle breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • She never gives up on an account and continues going into them one or two times a week at different times of the day, taking samples, price guides, and specials to entice them. (It’s just not in her DNA to give up because she will always finish what she’s started.)
  • Dumpster dives for more accurate product information

She is famous at Shamrock for “dumpster diving.” She will do this to get accurate information on products they told her they use so she quotes the right stuff (red onion size—medium or large; chicken breast—4 or 6 oz, grill marks or not, etc.) on the ordering guide. When she meets with the owner or chef, even though they might ask for a price guide at that first meeting, she takes it in the second or third meeting to have a reason to come back.

Tips for Greenhorns:

  • Always ask questions when with veteran DSRs, there are no dumb questions.
  • Every salesperson has a different sales style, so take different aspects from all those you ride with to develop your own style.
  • Grace says, “Treat everybody in the restaurant from dishwasher in the back to hostess in the front as someone really important and deserving of your respect because you never know when that dishwasher or hostess may end up being the one placing your order one day, plus everyone likes to be seen.” This Golden Rule works!!

DSRs, Be a Resource…  and Sell Something!