1221: Martin Bros. Icon, John Martin Sells the Tough Items

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Learn How to Sell the Tough Items to Earn Real Money

Special guest host John Martin of Martin Bros. Distributing Co. in Cedar Falls, Iowa provides words of wisdom to DSRs about selling the “tough stuff”.  These are the products (for the most part) that you are not selling your existing customers. 

The difference between a mediocre DSR and a great DSR is a willingness to put in the extra time to learn the tough product categories and to learn how they may work in your customers’ particular applications.

Mr. Martin says that some DSRs have a tendency to go for the EASY SELL, but the REAL MONEY is always in the HARD SELL items.

Martin says the long-term result of a DSR learning the TOUGH product categories is much better relationships with customers because they know you care more and are willing to take the extra steps to learn these products. 

IMPORTANT SUMMARY: DSR Dave talks about actively pursuing the training you need to succeed in your sales goals.  Miesse says you need to search for the product training; you can’t wait for it to come to you. Use free and easy resources like the AFDR Product Searchengine Restaurant Product Finder.com resourceto learn more about products. You will see PIPs (product information pictures) with links directly to the product website for pertinent information. You will also soon be able to watch PTVs (product training videos) on that same website.

Manufacturers utilize AFDR’s product training program called DSRSmart to inform DSRs about key selling points for new and old products in brief videos. Take advantage of the DSRSmart training sessions next time you see one in your email.

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