1234: Operator & DSR Discuss Business: Marlot Pace of Ben E. Keith & American Pie Pizza

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(This AUDIO is a little longer than usual, but it’s a show you might want to listen to versus just reading the overview. Maybe even take some notes!)

This is an excellent example of a great working relationship that has created a profitable partnership that has lasted for years. How do they work together for “all” to make money?

American Pie Pizza has three locations. Built a great relationship with DSR, Marlot Pace from the beginning. According to customer guest, Melody Williford of American Pie Pizza, Marlot is proactive, always searching for the right product for the purpose, watching for rebates, and watching for good deals on quality products.

Hall of Fame DSR, Marlot Pace and customer/operator Melody attend education activities together like marketing conferences so they both can learn and be more successful. They bounce ideas off each other and Marlot also helps Melody with her service training. Marlot calls it “GUEST service vs. GUESS service.” Melody says, “What I have with Ben E. Keith is a partnership.”

The order taking is not an issue or task Marlot must deal with directly because operator Melody does it online in her own time. Melody says that people are great, but the computer tells whether prices have changed, etc. which helps Melody keep track of changes. This allows Marlot to better spend time helping her customer by being a partner with her in business. As a smart business owner, Melody is on top of modern technology to best assist her business by using texts for specials and making payments automatically through her bank so she wastes no time writing checks. She uses mainly one distributor and trusts in the partnership to work together for their benefits.

Solutions are what restaurants are looking for. Coming in with solutions will get you in the door. She prefers knowing a DSR is coming in, over interrupting her business during the day by just walking in on her. If a DSR does cold call drop in, she prefers they just give her their card and ask when a good time to make an appointment would be.

What drives this customer crazy: Melody understands the old DSR trick of (other DSRs) low-balling prices to try to get her business, then in a month those prices aren’t so great anymore. This savvy customer/operator doesn’t fall for that at American Pie Pizza, she appreciates the partnership she has with her valuable DSR, Marlot Pace.

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