1235: Sales’ Seeds You Water Will Grow, It’s a Cycle

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If you want to infuse your sales funnel with new business, you have to act like a farmer, not a hunter.

It’s a Cycle. The Sales’ Seeds You Water, will grow the creative power and/or the destructive power of your thoughts. Your imagination is the incubation place for every great thing you’ll think.

You need to think about…what you’re thinking about.

DSRs, the way we are right now, is a product of the way we have thought up until now.

If you think a certain way, you’ll be that certain way. You may say to yourself, self, that’s just the way I am…but No, that’s just the way you have been thinking for a while.

Change the way you think, and you’ll change the way you are. Change the way you are, and you’ll change the life you have. Change the way you think about how to work in your working environment, and you’ll change the way your business and sales numbers will grow.

It all starts with a thought. It starts with having clear goals of where you want to be and the way you want the picture to look when you get there.

Thoughts are like seeds. Seeds need water to grow. Water the seeds and they grow. It’s a cycle. Whatever you water in your life, will grow (good or bad). What business thoughts you water in your life, will grow. It becomes a cycle. Those thoughts you water in your imagination will take over your life.

As your business grows higher, it gets harder. You must think at a higher level. You must think about your business at a higher level.

You must get into a cycle to start thinking on the next level, to get to the next level. Set your thoughts and imagination (the seeds) on thinking on a higher level, and the next thing you know, your business will be at a higher level. Water those thoughts by reaching for the knowledge and attitude you’ll need while growing to the next level, and the next thing you’ll know, you’ll see clear pictures of those goals.

Break the thought cycle that keeps you from reaching and exceeding your business and life goals by planting some new seeds in your life’s garde

DSRs, Be a Resource...and Sell Something!