1242: Operator explains Loyalty is about Relationships NOT Price


To get the full impact of what this outstanding operator is sharing to make you a better DSR and make your job easier, you “MUST LISTEN TO” this audio interview with Operator Charlie. He is a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) graduate who has been a superb owner operator for over 35 years and has dealt with hundreds of DSRs.

Charlie gives specific details on exactly what a DSR needs to do to become a BETTER DSR:

  • He is very loyal to the DSRs who pay attention to his account and do the work weekly that helps him make money.  He explains how great DSRs are ahead of the curve and keep him posted on market conditions, like pricing going up on chicken, and what’s going on with trends and products in the market. As an operator, when you’re running your business day to day, you may miss out on some of that.
  • This Operator becomes more loyal to a DSR when a DSR is involved with his business to the point that the DSR sees problems, and provides solutions, before he must worry about them.
  • What drives him crazy is when they never eat in his restaurant, so they don’t know his food or the culture. Instead, they are always pushing products their company wants pushed. It’s not about his needs, but more about what the company wants pushed or (the DSR) winning a trip etc.
  • Whether you are a scratch kitchen or a convenience kitchen should determine what the DSR brings in or suggests. Charlie says a great DSR will take the initiative and get you a sample they think will work for YOUR operation.
  • An order taker is adversarial, not a problem solver, whereas a good DSR is like a partner.
  • It’s not about the lowest price.
  • There is a different relationship involved when you are dealing with a one stop shop distributor versus shopping more than one distributor.
  • He explains how national brand name products versus distributor label products affect his recipes.
  • DSR loyalty boils down to caring about HIS business.
  • Samples work, but it’s a real hassle to get samples.   Charlie wants a FULL CASE to run as a special.
  • Product knowledge is a must for DSRs! He would like the DSR to know more about their products, just like good servers know the items on their menu.