1246: Owner Operator, previous Broker, gives Insights for working with DSRs


Carlos Cordova, owner operator of Duke City Kitchen in Albuquerque, New Mexico is today’s featured Operator. He began in 1987 as a 14-yr. old dishwasher and progressed into managing restaurants for many years before becoming a broker for 11 yrs., then came back full circle to owning and operating a restaurant, Duke City Kitchen.

TIPS ON: Samples – One stop shop – What he dislikes & requires of his DSR – Credit app

How much of a sample is needed?

Bring me enough to make a batch, not fill up my freezer. I need to see how a product cooks in “my” ovens, fryers, etc., how well it holds, and how we can use it. POS is NOT a substitute for a sample. You may possibly be able to use POS for items such as straws or napkins.

Do you use one or Multiple Distributors?

I do not believe in using multiple distributors because loyalty goes both ways. I rather trust the one I have and them trust me. Building a relationship is more important to me because we establish trust and dependability. I don’t care about someone coming in with a better price on a product one week. For me, it’s the whole package.

What drives you crazy about DSRs?

When they’re not listening to me. When they are just pushing products and solutions without listening to the problem I have. They don’t have my best interest in mind.

Does a good sales rep make a real difference?

Hands down! Would you leave your kid with someone you don’t trust, no, and this business is like my kid, my family so I must be able to trust this person.

Out of 5 sales reps, how many could be like the one you want?

Maybe 1 out of 5. And only possibly 30% of those who call on me once ever come back. Your word and follow up are everything. We just want honesty from them, don’t B.S. us. We will be honest with you.

Would you try a product your main sales rep recommends?

Absolutely YES, if I trust them and they don’t lie to me, if their word is their word.

Tips for calling on prospects like you:

  • Eat in my place plus you could check us out online too so you have some knowledge of what we do
  • Meet me halfway on filling out the credit application by filling it out while with me
  • The best rep is one who actually cares about my needs as a person and then my business