1307: Tips on Selling Frozen vs Fresh Seafood with High Liner Foods


DSR Audio Training on Selling Frozen Seafood vs. Fresh

There is plenty of room for both!

If a customer tells you they only want fresh seafood, you might want to start the discussion by asking this question:

Will you please define what FRESH means to you?  

DSR Dave and Chad Groves, VP of Field Sales Foodservice for High Liner Foods, share their conversation about selling Seafood.

Topics discussed on this audio:

  • The High liner company, a ONE STOP SHOP for Seafood
  • What does fresh really mean, how fresh is it?
  • Selling Frozen Seafood vs. Fresh Chilean Farm Raised Salmon as an example
  • The 3 tiers of frozen (FAS = frozen at sea within hours of catch, 1X – one time frozen, 2X – twice frozen; when it’s frozen makes a difference.  There’s a product for the purpose!
  • Atlantic COD a.k.a. A-COD and Pacific COD a.k.a. P-COD — is there a difference?  There are 3 times more A-COD sold in the World.
  • Chad’s favorite product to sell is Faroe Island Salmon. It’s raised in cold water which means more fat, and no antibiotics.
  • DOT FOODS stocks over 250 of High Liner’s over 500 products.
  • SAMPLES — High Liner believes that DSRs need to get the product in front of the customers to taste, so they make the SAMPLE process easy for DSRs and brokers.
  • SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT AN OPTION; IT IS THE ANSWER…  Groves believes that NGO’s (Non-governmental organizations) third party oversight organizations are a good thing.  They audit all facets of High Liner’s business ensuring customers (and themselves) that they’re doing it the right way.

Be a Resource and Sell Something!