1311: We’re all connected in the Foodservice Industry


Your customers need you now more than ever before. They need a TRUE BUSINESS PARTNER. Your business is totally depending on their business. When this is all over, the real winners will be the ones that helped their customers the most.

We’re All Connected in the Foodservice Industry – –

DSRs, Distributors, Manufacturers, Brokers, Operators in all Segments

We don’t know the long-term impact of COVID-19 and what’s going to happen with the economy, but we do know the short-term implications for the entire foodservice chain are critical.

AFDR stands behind the DSRs, distributors, operators, manufacturers, farmers, purveyors of all items used and the entire foodservice industry.

All parties included are having to make difficult decisions that ultimately are for the greater good of our health and society. AFDR will continue to share conversations that hopefully will support and encourage our industry during these uncertain and trying times.

We believe that once COVID-19 and the economic crisis pass, more people will truly realize WE’RE ALL CONNECTED! This is an opportunity to understand that No One Link of the foodservice chain can really be healthy unless every link in the foodservice chain is healthy…

  • TODAY, take a few of these actions items to help support the foodservice chain:

Manufacturers/Distributors to help OPERATORS:

  • Create and post (everywhere) recipes for perishable products first, then follow up with creative recipes using all the other products too that work well for TO-GO orders. Consider making a short video on how to prepare. The more YOUTUBE style the better because it might go viral.
  • Don’t forget about operators in the segments like hospitals and long-term care.
  • Help operators with ideas on how they might revamp/improve their business model including branding, menu review, systems, advertising and use of Social Media.
  • Help operators come up with advertising plan to let guests/patrons know the procedures they’re taking to keep their food and the preparation safe.
  • Find websites and phone numbers for operators to call for GOV. financial help, like small business loans at zero % interest and send to customers.
  • Review and research TO-GO non-food items for new products to help them in this crisis transition to generate cash flow.

Folks that work in the Foodservice industry:

  • Support restaurants in your neighborhood by ordering TO-GO food.
  • Ask folks you work with both upstream and downstream of your position how you can help them. Since most of us are working from home, it should be easier using technology.
  • SHARE IDEAS, we’re all trying to figure out what to do next so cash flow continues so if you or your team comes up with ideas, share them with the industry.

There will never be a better time for courageous foodservice business owners to gain market share while trying to help their communities. We saw this in 2008 during the mortgage meltdown and in 2001 after 9/11. The operators that held strong and adjusted/modified in order to stay in business were richly rewarded for it when the economy recovered.

What people hunger for most right now is a glimpse of normalcy. They are looking for familiarity, a smile, optimism. We do not win by running with the herd. We win by taking the road less travelled.

Your customers need your encouragement and fresh ideas.

Be the encouragement your customers need.

We wish everyone good health!

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!