1321: DSRs You are the Point Man for Customer & Company

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Turn the challenges of your customers and your company into opportunities!

Change is happening all around us. And if there is one thing our fearless DSR nation understands, it’s rising to the occasion.

What is next for DSRs and managing day-to-day? Navigating the unknown can be the opportunity by making it the KNOWN.

We’ve talked to dozens of DSRs who have gained more business during the COVID-19 crisis than any time in their careers. They’ve done this by diving into their customer’s business like never before. Being the one the customers count on each day as things changed. Being the one that informed their customers about what rules the State, County and City were working on today.

These DSRs also dove into knowing every move their company was making by the hour & day so they could adjust things for each customer without causing confusion and adding cost.

Have a plan for each of your customers. One size does NOT fit all. They each are trying to run their business in new ways. Get involved with each of them so you understand their plan like it’s your own—because it is your own. If you cannot get in to see them, call them actively so you know when their plans change.

Do the same with your company, by understanding each department’s (A/R Transportation Purchasing/Inventory, etc.) plan because chances are, they’ve changed to adjust over the past few months. Your customers count on you to know everything your company is doing, everything! Such as, transportation is changing routes/stops and you must know before the truck is late or early to one of your customers, so they have a crew there to put inventory away.

Many DSRs have started taking orders themselves again versus the customer placing their own order online. Customers have told these DSRs they feel more comfortable doing the order with them in order to get the correct subs and new items placed. This makes sense because many distributors do not have the best product search features that explain a product in detail. The last thing any party needs at this point in the game is the wrong product to go out.

DSRs need to help customers find the right product for their operations, with a timely emphasis on products suitable for delivery and products ideal for grab and go. They also need to help them find some new products for their dine-in operations that might be different than in the past.

Your customers, prospects and your company are counting on you to get them through this, and they will count on you MORE THAN EVER BEFORE for their success in the future. Be smart, learn like crazy, and work hard because it will pay off for all the parties involved.

DSRs, Be a Resource…and Sell Something!