1337 Let’s Restore and Reshore the Foodservice Industry


We might want to take some plays out of the Independent Operator’s playbook… to think like those who function by hiring local people, creating, manufacturing, selling and delivering their products and services themselves.

Reshoring is the practice of bringing manufacturing and services back to the U.S. from overseas. It is a fast and efficient way to strengthen the U.S. economy. This is what independent operators have always done!

Let’s all profit. Let’s invest in the kinds of business that build community, create opportunity and restore pride and that make local economies more vibrant than ever. Let’s shorten supply chains and make us all more self-sufficient. Let’s invest in and take a long-term position on companies committed to domestic manufacturing.

Let’s manufacture a better future.

Let’s reboot the maker mentality in this country. Just like independent operators do everyday. Let us refurbish the old and put up new factories to set up production and distribution centers to send our products to those who are seeking them. Let’s restore, reshore and manufacture local. Let us keep people employed and contributing right here at home so that we can begin to strengthen local economies and our sense of community. LET’S MAKE IT HERE.

Let’s look for “made right here” on the label!

CHEAP is EXPENSIVE! Purchasing decisions have power and consequences. When what we buy is made overseas, frequently by exploited people working in poor conditions, we are encouraging those practices and DENYING our neighbors desperately needed opportunities. We are also tactically going along with countries whose rules and regulations are not up to our standards as they continue to ignore fair labor practices and violate basic human rights. We have very little say in what happens beyond our borders except when we speak with our pocketbooks.

Let’s get everybody on board. 

YES, it is a partisan world we live in, at least right now it is. But let’s align on this one thing. Let’s all agree that taking the steps necessary – and being thoughtful as we take them – to bolster and strengthen our economy will go a long way toward making the country a better place for all.

Discussions regarding reshoring and local manufacturing are happening all around us. Join the conversation and let people know what you think.