1350: Part 3 – Advice for Greenhorns and Veterans with Matt Klug, DSR of the Month

1350 Part 3 – Advice for Greenhorns and Veterans with Matt Klug DSR of the Month


How do Veterans stay motivated?

Matt: Seeing those weekly sales numbers grow is a motivator for me. But ultimately, it is helping the customers grow their businesses that keeps you going.

I had a customer who was running a $5.99 special and just couldn’t ask for more, needing help. Then he started brewing his own beer that was amazing. And I told him he was going to have to jump his menu up, no more frozen burger and tenderloins. I shared a lot of ideas and demoed several weeks to help him in this area. Some of the ideas stuck and some didn’t. I did the cooking and suggesting while he ran his business.

He has grown his business from $300,000-800,000 in a couple years. He went from using frozen tenderloins using a case every 2-3 weeks, then I showed him how to hand bread the tenderloins and he grew to 2-3 cases at $10 each. I did the easy part, and he did the tough part of running his business.

Greenhorns: 2-3 years in and wondering if it is worth it?

Matt: You definitely need to love this business and have a passion for it to stay with it.

Don’t get discouraged, rejection is going to come, and you get callused by it.

If you are in an account that you think you are doing all you can for them, but they don’t show any love, don’t beat yourself up about it. Thank them for the business and tell them to stay online, you are there for them if they need you. But I promise you that there will be another customer who is going to appreciate what you are doing if you are working to help them grow their business.

I use a Babe Ruth saying, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way” … meaning don’t give up!

Be kind and loyal to customers; be kind and loyal to your company and make sure they are taken care of. It is pretty simple.

Be a Resource and Sell Something!