1512: Selling Frozen Seafood vs. Fresh Seafood 


 Sales Training on Selling Frozen Seafood vs. Fresh Seafood 

There is plenty of room for both!

If a customer tells you they only want fresh seafood, you might want to start the discussion by asking this question:

Will you please define what FRESH means to you?

In this podcast, DSR Dave shares the insights about selling seafood from an interview with a past VP of Foodservice Field Sales for High Liner Foods.

Listed below are some of the brands of the High Liner company, a One-Stop-Shop for Seafood:

FPI ~ High Liner ~ High Liner Foods ~ Highliner Foodservice ~ Icelandic ~ Seaside ~ Viking

Topics discussed on this audio (a MUST LISTEN for the answers & details):

  • What does fresh really mean – – how fresh is it?
  • Selling Frozen Seafood vs. Fresh Chilean Farm-Raised Salmon, as an example
  • The 3 tiers of frozen (FAS = frozen at sea within hours of catch, 1X – one time frozen, 2X – twice frozen, when it is frozen makes a difference. There is a product for the purpose!
  • Atlantic COD a.k.a. A-COD and Pacific COD a.k.a. P-COD — is there a difference? There are three times more A-COD in the World.
  • This VP’s favorite product to sell is Faroe Island Salmon. It is raised in cold water which means more fat, and no antibiotics.
  • DOT FOODS stocks over 250 of High Liner’s over five hundred products.
  • SAMPLES — High Liner believes that DSRs need to get the product in front of the customers to taste, so they make the SAMPLE process easy for DSRs and brokers.
  • SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT AN OPTION; IT IS THE ANSWER… Groves believes that NGO’s (Non-governmental organizations) third party oversight organizations are a good thing. They audit all facets of High Liner’s business ensuring customers (and themselves) that they are doing it the right way.

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