1522: Part 3 – Joel Edwards DSR of the Month – When the Prospect is good with who they are buying from, A/R, Greenhorn & VET Tips


DSR of the Month, Joel Edwards and DSR Dave discuss how Joel handles prospects when they tell him that they’re happy with who they’re buying from when making the initial call.

Edwards uses a different method as his comeback than many DSRs… He actually asks them if they would be willing to try products that he finds along the way and give him their opinion about the products. It’s a different twist that has worked many times for him, so you might want to listen in on the details of how he does it because many prospects are flattered that he asked.

Edwards manages his A/R by keeping it on a strict schedule. He feels that respect plays a big role in his customers staying on track paying their bills to his company before paying other people. ACH has really changed the game, and he’s getting more and more using that system.

Only about 10% of Edwards’ customers are placing their order using their online order entry system because in many cases in his territory, his customers don’t even have computers in their businesses. However, he is helping them move toward that system. Joel really likes taking the order with the customers because it helps build the relationship each week, whereas when they place their order online he feels he loses a little something in the relationship.

Advice for Greenhorns:

The first two years are tough and sometimes a little overwhelming, but if you stay committed, do what you say you’re going to do, and be truthful, it gets easier each week.

Advice for Vets:

The motivation for Joel comes through how flexible the job is. He loves being able to go to his kids games and events as long as he gets his work done. It is like he’s running his own company inside of a company and providing for his family makes it all worth it. Joel says it could be easy for one to become complacent, but most of his customers make sure that he doesn’t because of all of their needs. The constant changing nature of this business keeps it exciting and keeps him motivated.

Edwards and DSR Dave discuss how they share with their customers how the business works  upstream. He explains how a distributor and the rest of the players in the business make money so that his customers truly understand how the business works. Being transparent makes his job much easier when things get tough with fluctuating prices and shortages of product, it makes more sense to his customers because he has informed them of how it all works.

They also discuss prepping for a vacation.

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