1538: Part 2 David Lotzgesell DSR of the Month, Perfect Custom Order Guide, Text are the Best Communication



Topics discussed: The Perfect Custom Order Guides, Text are the Best Communication for DSRs

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On this podcast, DSR of the Month, David Lotzgesell and DSR Dave discuss how and why building a custom order guide for each customer is the roadmap needed for each customer and prospect.

This method will not only help you penetrate each account, but you will always know the products that you are not selling them and what to work on next. Lotzgesell said he picked up twelve added items from a customer when he was sitting with him and creating a custom order guide.

It will also save you and your company time and money because you will send the right product into the account more times than if you use an order guide made from sales history. Returns and adjustments will be almost eliminated because the correct product will go, not one that was subbed (that your customer did NOT accept or want) when you were out of the original product.

Lotzgesell explains step-by-step how to build one of these “custom order guides,” and DSR Dave explains why he built his first one was because a customer had a fire, and all were destroyed.

David also explains why he believes text has become the best way to communicate with your customers, your company, and heck even your family and friends. You have a trail to go back on.

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