1639: Danielle Ward Part 2 DSR of the Month – Credit App, Prospects, Working with Brokers, Samples, Colleagues, AR, Vets & Greenhorns


“I think it’s also important for brokers to give information to the new DSRs

on what they do, why they do it, and how they can assist, but also telling them

what information they need back.” ~ Danielle Ward

  • How and when to fill out the credit app.
  • Discuss turnaround time for the prospect to return it filled out because it takes your company, say 48 hrs. to get it set up and begin shipping product.
  • What are you bringing to the Prospect? Information, knowledge, industry trends, market information, product info, rebates programs. Be a consultant for them.
  • Ask what difficulties they are experiencing… maybe staffing or inconsistent prep of products. Save them the labor with the right product even though it may cost a little more.
  • Coming into their place with “fresh eyes” can differentiate you from other sales reps by going above and beyond with new ideas, samples, or “humbly” suggesting something based on your observations. This helps you build and earn trust too.
  • Is it important for Brokers and Manufacturer Reps to connect with Greenhorns as well as the Veterans?
  • Absolutely, if you’re not going to reach out to a new DSR, they’re not going to know to reach out to you.
  • I think it’s also important for the brokers to give information to the new DSRs on what they do, why they do it, and how they can assist, but also telling them what information they need back. That way, the relationship is beneficial for both from the start.
  • Product launches or sales meetings are a great way to get to know your brokers and their products by taking the time to talk with them and check out products at their tables.
  • I reach out and then I give them the information back that they need. So, it’s all about communication for me.
  • I prefer Brokers/Manufacturers to get back with me within the same day, which shows me they’re on it. Then we can set up a time frame for the customer.
  • Do samples work? Yes, samples work for me. Not every sample, but I’d say about 80% of the samples that I get do. I either know whether it’s going to work for a customer or not work, and I make sure that the follow up gets back to the broker so they can follow up.
  • It is very important to build good relationships with A/R, purchasing, transportation, inside sales, specialists, etc. Without them, I cannot be successful. We are all one team.
  • I am honest with A/R and if I make a mistake with Purchasing, I tell them. My transportation team is great.
  • 4 Words every DSR should use: Please. Thank you. Sorry.
  • What percentage of your people pay online? What percentage do you collect? About 40% online pay, 15% ACH, and then I collect, or the drivers get a check for about 45%.
  • About 30% of my customers place their orders online.
  • I respond according to their preferences. Some do not have computers at work or the time to do it. Others prefer human interaction and the ability to get last minute stuff added. 

GREENHORNS: Ask yourself what isn’t working and what is working? I think that adapting is really important. If you’re thinking that things aren’t working, maybe change it up, do something a little bit differently, have conversations with people in your company. Discuss hardships you’re having with the specific departments, and they can explain things and maybe share ideas with you on what you could do.

VETERANS: Things feeling stale or unmotivated? Go into different styles of restaurants for a fresh point of view. Maybe you go into the same pubs and everything all the time. Go into a different type of place and get a breath of fresh air and then take some ideas back to your customers. It’s always nice to have a win. Change it up a little bit. You can even check places out on your computer in different cities for menu ideas, pricing, décor, and share it with your customers to help them not just be in business but make money. They do not have the time to go looking for fresh ideas. Bring the ideas to them.

Be a Resource and SELL SOMETHING!!