1702: Audrey Worthington, DSR of the Month, Part 2, Prospecting, Cold Calls, Brokers, Samples


“I’m a pesky food vendor! That is what I say when I make my first contact with a prospect. I try to make if fun to make folks more comfortable with me right off the bat.”   ~ Audrey Worthington

 Topics Audrey and DSR Dave discuss on this podcast:

  • Worthington’s approach to prospecting and making the first call on the buyer or owner.
  • Checks with boss for intel on prospect, searches Facebook, Instagram, or Yelp and eats there to do some recon.
  • Put myself in their shoes knowing they don’t really want to be bothered to talk with me, I try to break the tension by introducing myself as a “pesky food vendor”.
  • In my opinion, this industry is 100% relationship driven.
  • Try to change the light on myself to be seen more real or human, not just a salesperson, so they feel they’re buying from a friend.
  • If prospect is loyal to their vendor, I applaud that since I know many of the DSRs out there and ask about their secondary vendor.
  • Look and listen for weaknesses or mistakes made by their vendor to shine in those areas.
  • If I want an account, I’ll never stop going in. Gauge how often to go in by what they can tolerate of you… every couple weeks or month so they notice you and almost miss you if you push it an extra week before stopping in.
  • I will also reevaluate and figure out if I’m the best fit for them. Maybe I seem a little overexcited to them and I have a coworker who’d be a better fit, I will pass on the intel I’ve gathered. At the end of the day, I want them to do business with my company.
  • Credit apps – I received great advice a long time ago to fill out everything I could and then ask them for those last pieces of info.
  • Working with Brokers – I make it worth their while to fill their day, not to see only one customer.
  • Schedule the Broker, get their current stock list, what promotions they’re focused on and then I inform them of the account types and what they’re looking for.
  • That way, the Broker does some research and lets me know what they’re bringing. I can say it looks good or let them know, for example, not to bring an item because the customer is already buying that from their brand.
  • Great way to learn about products, listening to the broker’s pitch. After hearing it a few times, make the pitch yourself so you can share with other appropriate customer situations. Hopefully, your broker brings extra samples that can be taken out by you on another day.
  • Using a different word for samples like “snacks or treats” so they are encouraged to share with the staff for opinions.

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