1703: Audrey Worthington Part 3, DSR of the Month, New Accounts Coming in at Same Time, Pricing Issues, A/R Advice, Working with your Team, Greenhorn/VET Tips


Topics Audrey Worthington, DSR of the Month, and DSR Dave discuss on this podcast episode: 

Great insights that many DSRs will be able to use this week.

  • Why does it seem like new accounts always seem to come online at once? Maybe because of your work habits in the months leading up to them placing their first order. Could the SEASONS OF YOUR WORK ETHIC be the reason why this happens? Should you identify these habits and plan for them? We think it might be a good idea to recognize your working seasons and share them in your sales plan.
  • When Price is an issue: Audrey explains how she deals with it and the questions she asks her customers plus how she breaks it all down.
  • Breaking down the prices by the serving seems to be one of the best ways to quash any thoughts of pricing being an issue. Audrey tells customers/prospects that she’s never going to be the cheapest across the board. She may be comparable to some people on some things. You must point that out and explain how the game is played.
  • Online ordering by her customers: She lets them know she’ll do it however they prefer, she’ll come in to do it, or over the phone, or if they prefer to do it online, that works too.
  • A/R: It was awkward in the beginning, but since Audrey says she’s a person of her word (i.e. If I say I’m going to pay you, I’m going to pay you.), she counts on her customers to keep their word if they tell her they’re going to pay her. She has no problem saying, “I sold you this food, where’s my check?”
  • Working with your entire team: It matters 100% how you do this, because emails and text messages can come across so wrong sometimes. Since she knows she can come off as rude in those messages sometimes, she has learned how important it is to show gratitude and appreciation. She owns it by calling that person and apologizing for being kind of snarky in her message and asks for forgiveness. She states she cannot write $8-8.5 million dollars on average for four years in a row without every single one of those people!!
  • Greenhorn DSRs: You need to understand the freedom of the job. Worthington shares, “In all honesty, I love this job because I have the flexibility to be a mom first, showing up to all of my kids’ events and still taking care of all of my customers doing what I love every single day. I think if you can find the joy in the job of what you get to do every day and shape it around your life, I think it’s 100% worth making a career out of it.”
  • Veteran DSRs: Find somebody that challenges you. Audrey has a couple of other DSRs that she has friendly banter with (her words) about sales numbers and talks “shit” with each week. This friendly competition helps make it much easier to get out of the car and call on a new prospect.
  • Just try to find a love for the job. This industry can chew you up, but at the end of the day, it can also be so rewarding. So, celebrate the successes and try not to dwell on the failures because at the end of the day, there are more wins than there are losses. Always try to focus on that and try to continue to build those relationships while having fun with it, because it’s a really fun job!

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