309: Cold call homework… DSR knowledge in a club sandwich

Cold calls?  Who does cold calls anymore?  A top-performing DSR often will research a potential new customer from top to bottom so they can begin a conversation with a deep knowledge of the operator’s concept and menu. 

Where to start?  The club sandwich… if there’s one on the menu!  And the most-sold items.  Dissecting these items give you great insight into the operator’s mindset… the quality of food being used, portions and what they do best.  From there, it’s much simpler to find on-target ideas once you do make a sales call. 

In this special DSR Live “undercover episode,” DSR Dave and another “secret-agent DSR” target an independent restaurant (destination has been changed to protect the innocent).  Prime location:  at the bar… bartenders tend to know the scoop about the place even more than most waitstaff.

Listen in below as the DSRs talk about what you can learn from peeling apart a club sandwich (and other most-sold menu items).  

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