342: DSRs should kiss customers ‘til their
mouths bleed

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The best DSRs purposely pause to truly thank their best customers, says Martin Bros. Sales and Marketing VP Doug Coen.  Operators are looking for a genuine business partner who doesn’t take their good business for granted… and a simple, heartfelt “thank you” goes miles towards building a relationship.  So does doing everything possible not to break up a territory when a DSR has the admiration and respect of customers – even if the territory has grown so large that it’s hard for one person to manage, Coen says.  Co-hosts DSR Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung also yak with Doug talk about the unsung heroes of foodservice sales… and why the best long-term strategy is to focus on “thimbles full” of margin versus the short-term big hits. Listen to Part 2 of our 2-part series at right.