427: Colby Wilbur, RFS and Chris Moore, Vacation Planning

Many foodservice operators continue to struggle with profits these days… but Colby Wilbur, who writes $4.5 million for Reinhart, uses the opportunity to convince operators to start raising their profits.  “A lot of operators are afraid to raise prices these days,” Colby says.  But if the menu is keeping customers coming in, slight price adjustments are in order. 

Colby has been inducted into the AFDR Hall of Fame for July 2011.  DSR Dave Miesse, along with special co-host Chris Moore (2010 DSR of the Year), talk about opening new accounts, collecting A/R and many other topics with Colby.

Five Grand Prize Winners announced for recent survey

In late May, many of you participated in a recent Technomic survey on behalf of one of our manufacturer partners.  If you were among the first 200 responding… your rewards checks are on the way!

Also five Grand Prize Winners were selected:  Roger Helstern, Ben E. Keith; Mesaia Kroetch, Foodservices of America; Emanouil Vournavakis, Kast Distributors; Jud Moon, Foodservices of America; and Joseph Johnson, IFH.

Congrats to all!