428: Friday sales meetings

Who in the heck came up with the idea of Friday sales meetings?  Head hurts, feet ache and your patience is thinning faster than the hair on top of your head.

Friday… the end of a week-long grind.  What better time than to sit in a stuffy room all day!

Well, Dave and Bill discuss some options… along with offering up a bit of product trivia.  Oh, and check out our new opening jingle… custom-made just for DSRs. 

More Grand Prize Winners!

Our research partner, Technomic, recently conducted a “DSR trends.mp3” study… a few hundred DSRs participated (200 will receive $15 or $10 rewards for acting fast).

Plus, there were five winners who each receive $100 from our Grand Prize Drawing:  Chris Charbonneau, U.S. Foodservice; Mark Schrag, Ben E. Keith; Donald Trautman, Sysco; Ross Morgan, U.S. Foodservice; and David Bennett, U.S. Foodservice.

Congrats to all!