433: DSRs and Drivers -“Where the rubber really meets the road!” Part one

DSR Dave and Bill talk with Drivers, DSRs, Transportation managers and Operators about the kind of relationships that really win the game in Foodservice Distribution.  Listen in to hear how beneficial it is for everybody when DSRs and Drivers work hand-in-hand:

We interviewed nine drivers to get their point of view. 

What if:

• A driver left a case of product at the wrong stop?  It might be a good idea for the DSR to help them out – Learn why. 

• The DSR needs a driver to deliver a few cases on their route, or go out of their way for them?  Listen in.

• A driver is having a bad day?  Do you really think he is the right person to be collecting on a bad “rubber” check?

DSRs — you might want to pass this on to your drivers and transportation managers.