435: Oh, how those specialist can help turn a small account into a large one

Todd Hauser, AFDR president and multimillion dollar DSR from Martin Bros., Iowa, tells DSR Dave why you should never judge an account by its cover.  Recently, Todd was given a lead for an account which he thought had little or no future on his call sheet. With over 20 years of DSR experience you sort of get to know if an account will be worth the time, and this one did not appear to be worth it. Out of respect for the teammate who had given him the lead, Hauser stopped by the account and did a little market research before making an appointment with the owner. At first glance, there did not seem to be much hope for even a minimum order with only a roller grill, gas pumps and an oven, but Todd called and made the appointment anyway.  His assumptions were correct; the account could not make the minimum.  That’s when Todd asked his specialist for help “turning water into wine,” or “cashier into sandwich maker!

 Listen to the show to hear how they turned a dismal prospect into a profitable account.