437: This Cold Call might get you thrown into the meat cooler!

DSR Dave, Bill Hornung, and guest host Steve Dahl have some fun talking about real issues with one tough, seasoned Chef.

Do you think you would be the one out of the ten DSRs who would make a 2nd call on Chef Glenn Taylor of L’eglise Fine Catering in Pittsburgh, PA?

Chef Taylor discusses the cold hard truth about how DSRs try to deal with operators like him every day.  He covers the things DSRs SHOULD or should NOT do on Cold Calls when dealing with him and many other chefs/operators.  In particular, don’t come in at 12:35 PM to try and sell him something when he has 35 tickets on the line, or you might get thrown into the meat cooler! 

Chef Taylor suggests if you want to be a more effective DSR, make sure you get in a kitchen and work a couple of shifts so you have a clue of what’s going on in an operator’s daily life.

DSR product knowledge is essential!  You’ve got to know your products, and know your operator so you know WHEN it’s a bad idea to try to sell him something, or whether you should even attempt to sell him products he doesn’t need or want, because he might get his DSR Taser out!

DSMs, take note on how you might consider handling a DSR change on a route/account with the operators beforehand for a smoother transition.