440: DSR of the Month, Corey Young, Jordano’s Foodservice

Corey Young has been inducted into the AFDR Hall of Fame for October 2011. Corey, a 20 year veteran, writes $4.8 million for Jordano’s Foodservice of Santa Barbara, CA. This DSR has just about every kind of account under the sun, or smoke, as on some days he gets his orders from the forest fire base camp.

This California DSR discusses with DSR Dave how he got through the altitude of the $60,000 dollar per week of sales sound barrier, and what it feels like when you break through. DSR Dave asks Corey if the work necessary to break through this barrier is worth it to make a career as a DSR. Corey explains the tremendous amount of freedom a DSR has, even though it’s hard work.

They also talk about a DSR getting his/her pocket picked by another sales person and wondering why it happened… Could it be because the DSR quit peddling the bike for a few weeks?

Listen to “Part II” next week, and have the option to listen to the rest of the interview if you have the time.

Some of the topics covered on next week’s show include:

Best place to double your sales; getting into the rhythm of your A/R; working with brokers; Corey’s favorite brands; teamwork with drivers and others at the company; and will-calls.

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