443: Act like a Salesman, you’ll get treated like a Salesman


You know that feeling you get when you go somewhere and a salesperson comes walking up to you with that, “I’m gonna try to sell you something” look on their face?  Then, you turn and go down a different isle, or look the other way acting like you really are not interested in anything, just hoping that person does not try to sell you anything.

Do the folks you cold call on feel that way about YOU?!  We try to put this issue in perspective.

Can making a new account call really be FUN?  DSR Dave explains how to turn the anxiety of a NEW ACCOUNT COLD CALL into something much more fun, listen in.

Customers always tell you what to do next, IF YOU LISTEN.  DSRs have two ears and one mouth, maybe you should try listening twice as much as talking.  Did they really tell you not to come back, or did they just say they were happy with who they were currently buying from?

DSR Dave and Bill Hornung, the Marketing dude, discuss how DSRs are as much marketing people as they are sales reps doing market research every day while doing discovery work in each account . . . or they should be.

Listen to the show:

Sell Something