444: US Foods, Don Snyder, AFDR’s DSR of the Month

AFDR’s latest inductee into the Hall of Fame is the November DSR of the Month, Don Snyder of US Foods.  Don started in the business many years ago by working in his father’s steak house in Pittsburgh, PA.  He learned the business the old fashion way—by working in both the back and front of the house, and by always paying attention to the sales reps that came in to help or sell to their operation.   DSR Dave and Don talk about the trust that has to be there with customers if price is an issue.  DSR Dave knows this firsthand because Don actually snatched away the chemical business from DSR Dave at a high profile account that Dave thought he had in the palm of his hand.  Yep, the first time any DSR of the Month has crossed sales paths with Miesse (DSR Dave).

Don also talks about how he makes a cold call, and how he figures out what an operator sells the most of while making his first visit.

Don is a real “Pro,” so listen to the first of two shows with Don “writing the book” on being a successful DSR/TM/MA/Sales Dude.

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