445: Collecting Money: How DSR of the Month, Don Snyder conquers A/R

Greenhorns, listen up!

AFDR Hall of Famer explains how he dealt with A/R when he first started, and how he does it now. 

Snyder and DSR Dave hooked up late one Sunday night to talk about collecting money and managing A/R.  This subject is not easy to talk about even late at night. 

When Don was a “greenhorn,” he used to apologize for asking for money.  It’s a scary tight rope you walk as a DSR when you don’t have the experience to know the right way to manage the collections and keep the account.  Snyder says it’s all about your attitude when collecting.  You have to go into the account with confidence; it’s business, even though the customer may be your friend.

Don explains why you have to trust your credit department as they know more than you, most of the time, when it comes to this.

Are you asking yourself if being a DSR really is the job you want to make a career out of?  Listen to Snyder tell how you might answer that question, while he also leaves you with a tip on what to do when you’re having a bad day.

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