446: Your Sales Plan For 2012 – Don’t Wait!!

Don’t wait until January to get started on your sales plan, get started this week! 

I know you DSRs are saying, “Are you crazy?  Do you know how crazy it is for me for the next six weeks?”  But DSR Dave knows if you don’t get started now while you are in and out of your accounts, it will suddenly be January!  The knowledge gained from picking up these nuggets of info. along the way, becomes your outline for your plan in January. 

During the Holiday Season, your accounts are busy and full of opportunities for you to figure out some of the problems they are having, and present them with time, labor, or money-saving solutions or creative ideas, and possibly product alternatives. 

Good DSRs see things that could be changed or improved on in their accounts, in many cases, well before the owner or management sees them, but you have to make it a top priority, or your competition might beat you to the punch.  DSR Dave urges you to get your company Experts, Specialists, Marketing Dept., and Brokers/Manufacturer Reps to help you out with this effort, and he gives you some creative ideas on how to get them involved.

Take this opportunity to get ahead of your competition.  Your customers will thank you by buying more from you because of the homework you did during the Holiday Season.

Sell Something!