447- Legendary Customer Service, DSR of the Month, Chester Gatliff

We are honoring a man, Chester Gatliff of Martin Bros. Distributing, who was inducted into the AFDR Hall of Fame for December 2011.  Through a personal interview, we normally build the show around how the honoree did his job, but we did not have that opportunity with Chester.

You see, Chester passed on before he knew he had won the award.  So, today we’re talking to Chester’s customers and co-workers who give you their honest take on why Chester Gatliff was known by all for his “Legendary Customer Service.”

Chester was one-of-a-kind, and can still be a mentor to all DSRs.  We learn why he was successful by listening to these folks tell how he impacted their businesses and lives.  While listening, you might really want to think about your life and how you treat people every day, whether they are customers, peers or family.  Listen to what folks said about Chester.

This show will challenge you, inspire you, and make you glad you weren’t selling against Chester Gatliff!

Listen to the show:

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