448: DSRs, What’s your Passion/Brand Identity?

With Guest Host Tom Shea of Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc.

Tom and DSR Dave discuss how DSRs need to have their own twist that separates them from the rest.  What special value do you bring to your customers?  Shea will explain how building your own “brand” will separate you from the DSR crowd.  DSR Dave agrees with Tom, that the good DSRs who he has worked with over the years, who have built their own brand identity, beat their competition every time! 

Tom explains how to figure out what you and your “brand/value” stand for, then surround yourself with accounts that will benefit from your expertise in that area, and build a network of people that help you be your brand.  As some of us heard from a parent or mentor when we were young, “If you don’t stand for something, you don’t stand for anything.”

This month’s DSR of the Month, Chester Gatliff was a great example of what Tom and Dave talk about in this show.  You might want to listen to that show again after Tom details for you this great sales strategy.

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