501: DSR of the Month, Mark Pellman, Ginsberg’s Foods, Inc.

Mark Pellman, a 10 year veteran at Ginsberg’s Foods in Hudson, NY, is the January 2012 inductee to the AFDR Hall of Fame!  Topics discussed in this show:  Prospecting, Vacation Planning and Produce.

Pellman started with no accounts and has built his 4.5 million in annual sales with his 86 accounts using some basic Foodservice sales principles.  Become a customer and a trusted friend first, and then help prospects with money-making ideas before they’re buying from you.  Mark chooses to be persistent, not pushy!

DSR Dave and guest host Todd Hauser, AFDR president, discuss with this DSR of the Month when a good time to take a vacation is, and why you better have your order guides up-to-date and in good order BEFORE you leave for vacation.  Have you heard that before?

Produce is Mark’s favorite category to sell which is no surprise after hearing that Pellman’s father and grandfather both were produce “Hucksters”… Google that!  We did:  A good huckster is a consummate salesman who can sell products and services to practically anyone. 

Listen to the show… and Sell Something!