502: Collecting Money & Taking Responsibility

Part II, Mark Pellman, January DSR of the Month

Pellman and DSR Dave discuss how Mark takes care of his A/R, and that “feeling.mp3” you have when you are trying to get the customer to sign the personal guarantee on the credit application even though 90% of them don’t even read the fine print.

DSR Dave Miesse talks with Pellman about selling on the “Inside” and not blaming folks for mistakes that happen every day.  Pellman says that when he first started, he too “threw buyers under the bus” when something went wrong, but has since learned that it didn’t help the situation, his customer or himself.  Taking the responsibility for things that happen every day, being more patient, and building great relationships with folks who work on your team can definitely help you.  Treat teammates like your customers.  For example, Miesse talks about asking the buyer for products off the 90 day and older list to see if he can help move those products and/or asking your credit manager if you might help out a fellow DSR with their collections.

Listen to the show… and Sell Something!