503 – 16 Million Dollar DSR, Listen Twice as much as Talking

DSR Dave and Todd Hauser, AFDR President, talk about prospecting new accounts; going on cold calls;  knowing what kind of account (Todd) goes after and the kind he stays away from; and how long he keeps after a prospect before giving up.

Todd also goes into managing his own $16 million route, and reminds himself to listen twice as much as he talks since he has two ears and just one mouth.  He says he doesn’t take things personally when a customer says they are happy with who they are currently buying from. Hauser explains how he uses his brokers as his own sales force.

DSRs, AFDR has been listening…we’re building afdrTV www.afdrTV.comand the AFDR Brand Library so you finally have one place to go to find product information on multiple brands.  We are working with manufacturers to source all product information like Product Training Videos (PTVs), Product Info Pictures (PIPs), POS, Nutritional, and other all product information.  It is a work in progress.  All the research is paying off! 

Listen in for this and more!

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