507: Operator, Peggy Sweet of the “Comet Bowl” Is Striking It Big


At this Charles City, Iowa Restaurant http://www.cometbowl.com/ , they are doing some of the best business ever!  They must not know there is a recession going on.  Customers are finding entertainment and good food in this economy at the Comet Bowl restaurant with food and bowling.

Comet Bowl owner, Peggy Sweet, along with DSR Dave and guest host DSR Joe discuss everything from how Peggy expects her DSR to help her make money, to how many DSRs DON’T call on herShe also tells her hosts how she would like to be called on when a DSR is making a cold call on her account.

SAMPLES WORK!  Yep, believe it or not, she would like a FULL CASE of product so she can get her customers in on the hunt.  Four chicken tenders in a baggie just won’t cut it for Peggy.

This operator knows how to do a cutting and how to get her customers involved with helping her determine which product NOT TO BUY.  Peggy gives two great examples of how she tested new Chicken Strips, and how she gave away a bunch of donuts while testing out new coffee options.

Sell Something!