509: “Price Shopper Customers” become “Valued Customers”


Turning “Price Shopper Customers” into “Valued Customers” is a real challenge for most DSRs, but when this transformation takes place, you’ll have a great customer and usually a great friend for the rest of your DSR career.  DSR Dave, guest hosts Tom Shea of Upper Crust Enterprises and AFDR President /DSR at Martin Bros., Todd Hauser, discuss tried and proven sales strategies on turning “water into wine” and changing the way a Price Shopper customer thinks.  Todd makes it sound easy as he explains how he does it whenever he has to take on one of these kinds of customers.

DSRs, ask yourself if your sales approach is the Wal-Mart style (PRICE) or is it a Nordstrom style (Value)?  Tom explains the difference and has great sales tips on why one style might make you and your customer more money, and keep you and your customers in this industry for a long time.

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