512: Crab, Atlantic & Pacific Cod, Salmon, Tilapia, Surimi

Seafood Tips – Part I

Part II:  “Selling Seafood”

Trident Seafoods’ Jamie Marshall talks about the different seasons for hunting and fishing for all kinds of Crab.  According to Marshall, “Hunting” for Crab is no “chicken farm.”  “We’re not making cup cakes here, these Fishermen are risking their lives while fishing for these different species,” remarked Marshall.

Listen up as Jamie describes all five species of Salmon so you can sell your operators the right products for their operations.

Cod is still “King” in the foodservice industry.  Marshall, Todd Hauser, DSR/AFDR Pres. and DSR Dave Miesse discuss the difference between Pacific Cod and Atlantic Cod because there is a difference.

Hauser talks about how he thinks Surimi is very under-utilized, and gives some examples on how to make some good profit using it.

Part I : Last week’s show:

Pollock, Salmon, Mahi, Tuna, Chilean Sea Bass, Phosphates, Single Frozen and Twice Frozen are just a few of the topics of discussion between DSR Dave, Todd Hauser and Jamie Marshall.

If you like watching the “Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel, you’ll probably like hearing how Chuck Bundrant started Trident Seafoods after a trip from Tennessee to the great Northwest!

Whether you’re selling frozen seafood to your customers as a mainstay or as a backup to fresh product, there are products for every type of operator including a new Health Care line-up of products from Trident.

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